Merge to form Victory Saber!!!


So the always wonderful UPS man delivered Takara Robot Masters Star Saber and Victory Leo today.

These two Japanese-only characters from the series Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimei Tai Transformers Victory have grown on me immensley since I picked up the PVC versions of them.

Star Saber just litterly kicks a whole lot of ass around the attic of love. Perhaps I'll own the original 80s versions of them someday but 2004 toy design techniques have made the PVC and Robot Masters versions look a helluva lot more like the anime than the brick-like 80s toys.

Not a bad delivery today at all!

Hell. I may have to change my panties even.


Robot Masters and PVCs rock. But neither design could beautify the biggest brickof them all.

Don't be knock'n me no Grandus man.

He'd be perfect for my plans for my Micromasters!

Man, you really need to update your total... I can count 3 now, at least, since your last update. Omega, and these two.

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