See! Finding the perfect shelf is f'n important!


I don't read Shortpacked! much anymore but I happened to look at the RSS feed just now and I gotta admit, sometimes it hits too close to home.

Well... 'cept I don't really do hand-me-down shelves anymore.

However, I seem to recall moments like this with Mr. B., Giga, and a few others who shall remain nameless.

I'm still in 2nd-tier toy shelf drama mode but the literal pain in my neck is more important these days.

But... the 2008 Ikea catalogue arrived today!


And there are a few potential shelves at Pier One (their site is shit so I won't link).

Maybe after dinner (I'm making special nalasausageburgergrilledsammiches) we can run up there.

That is if the oxycodone doesn't have me all trippy again.

I had to leave a meeting today because I kept staring at the speaker and his mouth wasn't moving to what he was saying. Balls trippy I tell ya!


I can't wait for you to get the new shelf (or shelves), then display your 2000 piece TF collection ... that would make a GREAT pic!!

Most of my TFs are hidden away in closets and such, until we move to a bigger house. I only display recent buys for a few weeks, then they get packed away. So for now, I am living the "TF display showcase" vicariously through you dude!!


Methinks DL missed the memo where 2000 transformers will no longer fit in the new house and Nala is downsizing...

@Giga - No, I got the memo.

But what I would love to see before Nala breaks up his collection is all 2000 items grouped together in a single pic. For archive purposes. That would look sweet!!! I'd use it as my desktop wallpaper or something.

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