Ka'Plah! Die beast!


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I guess we'll have to wait for Klingons vs. Furries: Requiem to see how it all ends.


There was a special appearance by certain luchadores as well.

Now if that Stormtrooper legion had been available too...

Anyway, here's a shitload of video from the thing.

I'm actually kind of shocked that bowling is still common.

It just screams 1950s-1970s to me. I can't think of anyone I know that bowls.

Hell... I know more adults on kick ball and dodge ball leagues than I do that bowl! That's a change in the pattern of adult living there!


I thought it was pronounced Qapla'?

I'm pretty sure I just cemented myself as mayor of Geektown.

I like bowling quite a bit. I'm pretty bad at it though.

"nuqneH" is roughly "Hello," and I only knew that from playing TrekMUSE way back when.

And Heavyarms is right about "Qapla'", and I'm ashamed I know that, too.

In my defense, the only reason I know that is because I know a guy (who is not me) that has a 97 Chevy Corvette with a personalized license plate that says "Qapla" and I asked him what it meant. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it... I did NOT just watch my "Special Collector's Edition Director's Cut Widescreen Collection" DVD of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

I hate to say it, but knowingly watching Uncle Fester as a Klingon after having seen the movie once already may be worse than knowing how to properly spell the word Sean Penn yelled in Team America.

At least according to my Religion. All I know is that MY Kirk relies exclusively on the double axe handle to get his business done.

Fun fact: During high school my mother roomed (at boarding school) with Bibi Besch, the woman from Wrath of Khan what spawned with Kirk.


Well, I was only watching it because I had just watched Wrath O' Khan and I wanted to watch "Spock Goes to San Francisco." Gotta bridge the gap...

I keep waiting for Kruge to yell "Marty!"

Kirk IS the Sean Connery of Star Trek Captains.

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