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I had forgotten I'd snagged some figures for super cheap at the Toy Show last week. That little wind storm thing kind took my mind off them.

I guess the fact I was putzing around with Skid-Z the other day made me realize I had so many variations of the mold... but the original! Can't go wrong for $2.50/each either.

The various G2 and reissue Cyberjets were all like $1.30 or something each too and I don't think I ever had any originals of those. Just many many many repaint versions.

One great thing I found, rather randomly I might add, is a Dapol Cyberman action figure from the 80s.

Dapol Cyberman (1980s)

I didn't even know they made any figures back then.

I also snagged one of those reissue B.A.T.figures off a guy but it appears Hoop found some finally. Anybody want a B.A.T. I paid way too much for?

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Open the BAT figure dude - it is awesome!! I've been fortunate enough to find (and buy) 5 of them in the wild.

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