Robots In Disguise Skid-Z... he's simple but fun...


RID Skid-Z

I've always been a fan of little Robots In Disguise Skid-Z, even with the lame Hasbroey name to keep it like Skids.

He's a repaint of Machine Wars Mirage that Takara redid and included in Car Robots as Indy Heat. He even made it into the Car Robots anime with a whole episode devoted to him.

RID Skid-Z

He's got a bit of gimmick to him with a spring-loaded transformation that I've always found awkward at best.

But as a bot, except for the gimpy feet, he's pretty decent and always has a home on the Car Robots and RID shelves.

RID Skid-Z

One day I'll get around to opening up some other repaints I have of the mold, namely the Jusco Exclusive Translucent Car Robots Indy Heat and maybe the really nice Robot Masters Ligier repaint that really is a good G1 Mirage homage.

RID Skid-Z


Whenever I finally get the new site up and running, and put up the bootlegs somewhere, I'll be able to share a few pics of my two-up bootleg of Wrecker-Hook.

Sadly I don't have one such bootleg for Indy Heat.

I agree though - the Robot Masters Ligier is super. I like it as a Mirage redo more than the Classics version.

I agree, Robot Masters Ligier = sweet G1 Mirage homage. I bought it without knowing about the one-step auto-morph transformation gimmick, but the way his guns tuck in his legs for car mode is neat.

I agree on RM Victory Saber. Too bad Vic's pegs and Saber's swordhandle are too fragile though,sunnovabitch snapped off when i tried taking the saber outta his hand again.

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