Transformers Encore Ironhide


Transformers Encore 05 Ironhide

Encore Ironhide is the 2029th Transformer that I've acquired.


Don't worry, they suck just as much as they ever have. And yes, I bought them too.

When I was a kid I really wanted Ironhide until my neighbor got one and I saw what he looked like. I was disappointed. If I were to get one of these he'd stay in the box. Its funny how tempted I am to get one even now...

Frowny: I was sooo tempted to buy both Ratchet and Ironhide Encores at the con I attended last weekend. I didn't buy them and I don't regret my decision in the least.

Nala: Megacon in Orlando. Some Japanese guy had them at his booth with a couple Masterpiece Starscreams.

I'm going to an 80's toy con not far from Toronto on Sunday. I wonder if they'll have any encore stuff. Probably not.

I saw one of each at the Toy Show today. The guy wanted an arm and a leg for them so they stayed on the table. He had a Masterpiece Starscream there too which I really wanted. Only I thought $110 was a bit steep.

In the end I found a G1 Smokescreen at another table for $20 with all his parts and I got a bunch of 25th Anniversary Joes.

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