I am so THE lame!


Godmasters Zetoca and Aquastar in "engine" mode.

I am so THE lame!

Can somebody please tell me why I dropped so much cash on 2 tiny Godmasters that turn into this?!?!?!


good fucking question.

How much is "so much cash"???

Too much.

And that's all I'm gonna say.

Sixty fucking US dollars?

They are cool but not sure if they were the $100 cool that I've been seeing them on eBay.

Is the chrome faded or is it just the color?

erm,what are they supposed to be in that mode anyway?

Rhinox: They run about that individually. I paid a bit less. They turn into the oh so awesome "powermaster" engines to unlock the Powermaster transtector figures.

Maldroth: Oh. They definitely aren't worth it.

I can't tell if the chrome is faded or not. It looks bronzish but I don't have a reference to check yet.

If it helps, could I afford them I'd be after the individual Headmaster heads. And let's face it Nala, it was something you didn't have yet.

I'm crazy enough to buy these things if i had the money.

maybe i haven't been here long enough, but ... the only question in my mind after seeing this entry was just..

OMG, what do you do for a living, nala, and are they still hiring?

I am the World's Most Beloved Polish-American. It is a full-time job.

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