I should clean The Crack Den or sort toys in the basement today.

I should clean the crack den today.

We've had pretty much non-stop rain the past few weeks. The temperature keeps dropping too and if something doesn't change I won't finish the siding of the garage. Hell... forget about completing the front even!

I'm also on day 8 of a head and chest cold that will just not break at all.

Perhaps I should clean The Crack Den or sort toys in the basement.

And yes... one of the hopefully achievable goals for autumn and winter is to get the toys sorted and some of them finally sold off.

I'm only how many years late on that plan?


Am I right in thinking that after you went to all the trouble of cleaning out the garbage disposal, that now it doesn't run? Man, that sucks...

The subject's been on my mind; our disposal started leaking for no apparent reason, and... well, the odour is not something that leaves one easily.

I was going to feel pretty darn bad for you if it turned out you went through all of that only to have shorted the thing out, or worse. Glad to hear it was just a wiring issue though. :)

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