Sorta sad.


Sorta sad.

But such is life.

I can only imagine what I'll find when I open the boxes and bins that have been sealed for over 2 years in the Basement of Infernal Horrors™ .


Good god Crazy Steve has a magical way with words.

As I told him over at his own site, as long as the toys weren't damaged scuffed or beaten up boxes wouldn't really bother me too much at all.
I've moved a couple times over the last couple of years but the thing is it was always "In State" and
A) I always packed my own boxes
B) I got friends and family to help me move the stuff.

If I were moving out of state I would probably pay my dad to empty out his truck, I would pack the boxes and load my stuff in it myself and then I would drive with him cross-country to the new place. Sure that might sound extreme but after putting all the hundreds and thousands of dollars into my stuff over the years I pretty much can only trust myself in its transportation and would be willing to pay more money and spend more time to make sure it got to its new destination in one piece.
That's what my family also did when my sister moved from WA to Chicago and it's just how we are with our stuff.

Hey man,

Used to love this blog but you seem to have lost the love.

Time to make the big change brother....pick your 20 favourite bots, put em in a serious shrine, and get rid of all the rest....or give us a good reason not to...

Are you sure your traffic has declined? Even at your current low level of posting I still got a couple hundred hit deluge when you linked to PSMR on this one.

As usual thanks for the mention. For at least a day I got to feel what it's like to have an audience of more than just a dozen friends.

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