At least he looks tolerable.


It would have been really nice if he'd actually done something in the movie.

He cut up that car and then pretty much disappeared into the background like every other robot.

Why Transformers fans can love a Transformers movie that barely deals with Transformers is beyond me.


At least he gets slightly more screen time overall than that car he cut in half.

Let's see, 100% of Sideway's movie appearance is online. He shows up in the background with Demolishor, drives off, transformers to crash through a building, then gets chipped in half.

Sideswipe was pretty awesome for his brief moment of the movie. I don't get why he wasn't red. They made that retard bot a red/orange color. The problem with the Bay TF's seems to be one of lack of color and also they all look the same when they start moving around so you can't tell who is who. That and they have stupid voices. All the good Autobots have that same kinda gravely voice except Prime.

The more I think about that movie the more angry I get...

I love the deluxe version except for the feet and he used a gun briefly in the end of the film which he's lacking in toy form. i can't get him to stand worth crap with out propping him up. Also i bought the figure because sideswipe is my fav and i was hoping the movie would kind of be honest to the character and in my opinion they should of added sunstreaker and made them the only twins

Yo! No news from you on a while. Hope everything is OK. Cheers!

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