One day I'll have spare time.



Remember me?

I'm Nala.

I used to occasionally blog about Transformers and shit.

Alas, those days are pretty much few and far between given the fact that my life is usually full of real world important bad craziness now.

Garage - Day 14 - Garage reset! Yay!

Remember how I was going to get around to finally organizing and getting rid of all of those boxes of robots? Yeah. Me too.

It never happened.

And... while trying to reorg the garage to continue ripping apart walls and studs I found even more f'n boxes of robots that I didn't bring in the garage.

Yeah. I'm really loving the robots these days.


Hi Nala. Just dropped by to let you know I'll stop bothering you/commenting/reading etc. (re: comment deletions) Whatever I guess.

Hey Nala, I've been meaning to ask you a "Non Transformers" question for a while and I thought this would be a good post to do it in.

Why are the Kevin J. Anderson / Brian Herbert Dune books so awful? I've been a pretty big fan of the Dune movies for years but I only now just started reading the books. I'm about a quarter of the way through the first one.
I mean, I can see why people would hate the two sequel books they did. I read the descriptions of the plots and they sounded horrible.
But why do you think their prequels are awful as well (or do you feel that way)? The descriptions of the prequels sounded pretty interesting to me. I figured I'd ask for your opinion since I respect it and you seem to know a lot about Dune stuff.

Thanks Nala, I will skip the prequels on your recommendation.

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