Yes. I'm still alive.


Yes. I'm still alive.

I just have zero interest in Transformers right now.

That shitty ass movie sucked what little love I had right out of me.

Perhaps the the other animated stuff starts popping up I'll find something to get excited about again.

Or if something replaces the movie shit.

Anyway, I'm too busy refreshing the kitchen and repairing the garage to care about toys.


you are not alone dude.

movie sucked, toys suck, and i keep wondering how much longer until those last TFA toys get released. *hurry up hasbro!!*

I second this. Frankly, my interest in Transformers has been on the decline for a while.

I'm mostly only giving a crap about extremely gimmicky toys like "Ejector the mighty Toaster Bot. He's awesome for his ridiculousness.

Glad to hear all is well on your end. The only two movie toys I ended up buying is the new Ironhide, and Ransack, because really, what a great, Steampunkish little 'Former. The rest of it is crap.

Did you see GI Joe? If so what did you think?

"Well... I am eagerly awaiting the Takara Donald Duck/Hermie Beetle Transformer."

That's really what TFs have come down to these days, hasn't it?

I'm also eager for the Donaldformer. And the new Takara Bumblebee.

The movie really has been a mixed blessing for me. While I hated it and everything it stood for, it does mean I don't feel the pull to drop good money on it. I can find much happier stuff to spend my money on. Like upcoming DCUC. Or, egad, a car.


Thought you would probably want to see this...

Lucky Draw Black God Magnus!!!!

What is this new Takara Bumblebee?

I never planned on getting any new movie stuff and I've stuck to my guns. I also hated the movie with the red hot passion of the Krypton sun. So that helped.

All I want is my Animated Arcee. Dammit. And she'll likely be impossible to get.

Will they be making anymore Universe/Classics? I want more of that stuff. To me that is the heart of Transformers.

I thought Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy was pure plastic love but i'll be damned if Lucky Draw Black God Magnus doesn't top that...

And the combined mode (which for the moment i'll call Lucky Draw Black God Fire Convoy) is just like melting down a Fortress Maximus, mixing it in with some top quality Colombian cocaine and snorting it through a gold leafed $100 bill...

Count me as another kindred spirit. My interest in TFs has been waning big time since the spring. I credit the movieverse for my changing views. And the sad thing is, I never even saw ROTF, the sequel. But I've heard, read, and seen enough to know it's not for me. And the toys have zero appeal to me. I own exactly one movie related toy--and that's the Real Gear "Lazerbeak" from the first movie. Alas, I too am busy now with other things--kids, grad school, etc. If I'm gonna geek out on anything now, it's more likely to be comics/superhero related. TFs are the epitome of meh right now.

Go left TF apart and catch a breath in DIY while I do exactly the opposite (me working on a DIY mag is kinda exhausting...). Anyway, it's cool to know about you again. BTW, the Black God Magnus is simply amazing!!!

If I remember correctly, there's something like ten Lucky Draw Black God Magnuses (Magnusii? Magnapodes?) floating around. So... maybe you can dream, and occasionally check Yahoo Auctions Japan. ^_^

Magnanimus, that'll be correct. LOL.

Magnanimus it is. :)

Also, the kiddo and I managed to take in The Rise of Cobra over the weekend. It's not going to win any academy awards, but it was actually pretty decent (with the kitchen fight and Paris sequence being particularly noteworthy). I would totally recommend it to those looking to wash the taste of Michael Bay out of their brains.

Is it possible that ROTF may have actually destroyed the TF franchise from the inside out???

Just like everything else that ever destroyed or ruined the TF franchise, but didn't. It was a crap movie, a crap toyline. Yep. You don't like it. Plenty of people don't. But if ActionMasters didn't destroy it, nothin' will.

Why is it always about the destruction of the entire franchise? I wonder if, idk, Barbie or LEGO has to deal with the constant and recurring threat of their respective lines being totally obliterated from being destroyed by the latest new thing. "Barbie's wearing flats! It's all over, they've destroyed the whole thing!"


The RoTF TF movie line had a few gems IMO. Leader class Optimus Prime, Deluxe class Sideswipe, and Human Alliance Bumblebee were good.

Still on the hunt for Deluxe Jolt and the Ice Cream truck though. They both look promising ...

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