While cleaning out the last of my life I left 21 years ago, I came across a G1 MIB Waverider that has been in my parents basement since I was in high school.

I have no idea when I bought this but it was obviously 1988 or earlier since I left Glass City around then.

The things one finds...


Awesome find! I've always liked this figure/character for some reason even though the pretenders all had the same darn alt mode. Strangly I just placed a bid on one on ebay but lost because I didn't watch the ending last week lol

He's the only Pretender I have! He's pretty cool, for what he is---I guess I like nondescript submarine things:-)

I'm sure you do not want this. :)

I only own this one and Skullgrin as a child. When I reactivate my collection, Waverider was the first one I purchase.

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