2009 Doo Dah Parade


2009 Doo Dah: Am I the only one with a problem that he has a movie head on a G1 body!?!?!?

I had just enough alcohol in me to start getting belligerent to the fact that he was mixing a movie head with a G1 body!

C'mon peoples!!!

Am I the only loser who sees what an abomination this is?!?!?!


Incredible Are those blue hulk gloves?!?

Without even reading your caption I thought "why did he put a movie head on a G1 body?" So you are not alone. :)

Yeah it's a horrible mishmash. Nice G1 toy accurate body though. Yes those are hulk hands as my boys have 2 pair. Prime Smash!!!

Laziness is the enemy of good attempts. Go all the way, dude! Make the damn helmet! It's not hard!

The parade entry was titled "SubOptimus Prime"


Aw, come on, that's a cool costume! That's the voice-changer helmet, too, so SubOp can even talk like Prime. :D

(Hey, and he can go CRASH-CRASH with those Hulk hands!)

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Or maybe it was Optimus SubPrime... either way, still great.

Now is that Prime rare and worth more because he has the blue bloated fists and the shortend smoke stacks or not? j/k fun and games aside he did a great job on the rest of the costume and it's better than i could do

No, you're not the only one. Also, I cannot see the 'Desert Dog Formula' or 'Cybertronian' reading on the tires...

I percieve this as social commentary on how the Michael Bay films are slowly displacing the original cartoon in the collective memory of pop culture. Either that or it's social commentary on how cardboard is difficult to work with.

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