Robots + Shirts = Robots on Shirts



I met Paul, aka diablien, briefly outside of the hotel at Botcon 2008 in Cincinnati last year.

His company, RIPT Apparel, is doing a bunch of robot shirts next week.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. C.S.T. on Monday June 22nd and ending at midnight on Friday night June 25th, RIPT Apparel will feature five days of robot-themed graphic tees forged by some of today's most followed t-shirt artists on the internet. Robot Week will kick off with Robot Week's first shirt, created by curator Wotto.

Check 'em out tomorrow!


Ok I finally signed up for a Movable Type account so I can comment on this. I shall no longer be a lurker!!!

Thanks to for the post. You will find a Transformery surprise come Wednesday and maybe Thursday but it depends how deep you can let an homage go...

I own like 5 or so Robot shirts. They improve the geeky factor +5.

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