In the great robot universe, there is only one Arcee.


Um... so according to Michael Bay she'll appear quickly and get killed off.

Anybody wanna wager she's got less then 3 lines of dialog in the whole thing?


I'll take the "under" bet.

Rumour has it there is one line of dialogue.

I do, however, think Devastator's testicles should have dialogue.

The lines will be "Hotrod and Kup are still outside the city" and "Why the fuck do I have 2 toys for 2 movies that are totally fugly"

"Optimus, NO! Arrrrrrgh...."

I guess we should just be glad that Bay didn't swing the other way, and embrace her character - the last thing the franchise needs is the fetish fuel of Mikaela riding Arcee...

Well, the spoilers are beginning to roll in now.

From all accounts, Arcee turns up literally to say "Hi, I'm Arc-" and then gets shot in the face. Everyone then forgets she ever existed.

Also, Devastator appears to have testicles.

If that's not an indictment of Michael Bay, I don't know what is.

This is what we get for handing over our franchise to cheese balls like Bay. He did a great job and made it huge, but it's even more of a joke. But seriously, we are talking about sentient transforming robots. Maybe if we took this as serious as Bay we'd all be a little happier.

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