TFCon Powered Armor (Show Exclusive)

TFcon Powered Armor (Exclusive)

Thanks for FPT for picking one of these up for me at the TFCon a couple of months back.

I don't have another Classics Prime to put it on yet. I may have to get one.


No problem on the pick-up. Powered Commander is total love! Did I give you the program that has the b/w tech spec?

I owe you a letter then...

That thing is so cool. I have the Ultra Magnus set, and it's one of my favorite pieces of my collection. I understand some of the gripes (3/4 of the trailer is a big ol' gun, mainly) but fuck it, the finished product looks really really neat. I like that it ISN'T a direct copy of G1 Ultra Magnus's head - it fits better with the Classics aesthetic that way, IMO.

I'm just glad I got him during the initial $75 run instead of having to pay twice that now. I kind of wish I had gotten that Cliffjumper set, too, but oh well.

Too bad these guys are fucking themselves out of business. Well, them and the guys who made the Battle Rollar set - Hasbro is NOT happy with those guys (and specifically the Battle Rollar guys; the box it came in was way way way too close to official TF packaging for Hasbro's liking.)

And before people jump my shit for backing Hasbro on the whole "crackdown on fan-produced stuff" dealie, it's not the TF team's thing, it's legal. Legal pretty much HAS to crack down on this stuff when it reaches a certain level (most likely - making a brand new toy based on the TF license, complete with packaging that strongly suggests it's an official TF product) or else there's nothing to stop Bandai or Mattel or whoever from doing the exact same thing (not that they would, but you have to set up a precedent, you know?)

So it's a shame. I'm really hoping they can work something out and get that Rodimus Prime "Protector" set out - it looks incredible.

These guys only have a problem insofar as (a) their product could be confused with an actual Transformers product, and (b) some possible IP issues with releasing kits based on existing characters.

Insofar as (a) is concerned, it's mainly a branding issue and easily dealt with. (b) is the kicker; if Hasbro / TakTomy decide to pursue on that one, the only way out is going to be cutting a deal.

Now having said this, Hasbro have licensed all kinds of crap recently; so they might not be completely aghast at going that route. I mean, if IDW can have a Drift garage kit produced...

What's worse is, there are now knock-offs of this armor! How sad is that?

Why they ripped off the Shadow Magnus armour is beyond me. Go with the Ultra armour... :)

Heck i've even seen knock offs of the Cliffjumper kit in yellow and white for Bugbite or Bumblebee. What would be nice is now hasbro has seen the popularity of the after market "kits" and would use the people as a resource and not an enemy

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