Botcon 2009 - Days 1 and 2


Day 1 - Italian and Line Waiting

Botcon 09 Day 1 - Arrival

So I arrived in Pasadena on Wednesday afternoon. One of Giga's radio peeps was nice enough to pick us up from the Bob Hope Airport.

We had quite a decent Italian dinner with SpectroScott and NeoSpark.

Thankfully, we were able to register that night and grab our shit. Why they can't even reduce the next day's lines even more by letting us by the add-ons right then and there is utterly beyond me.

Then again... nothing really ever improves with Botcon. The same old problems are carried over from year to year. FP doesn't sink any extra money into infrastructure or anything. At least if they do, it sure isn't noticeable. Could a couple of extra phone lines for credit cards really hurt your bottom line that much?!?!

Day 2 - The Hollywood Tour

Got up way early for the Hollywood bus tour we signed up for.

Ugh! Very painful.

It wasn't so much that is was 9 hours long... it was the fact that not much happened in that 9 hours.



The Hollywood Bowl was fine but it was just an empty arena? I didn't see the point in stopping for what seemed like 30 minutes to walk around an empty music venue.

We then drove to Hollywood and walked around. Basically... they dumped us in the tourist trap of the Chinese Theatre.

What was actually rather shocking was that I envisioned Hollywood as generally really clean, you know, like you see on the tellie. Wrong! Total shithole! I thought that it'd be really clean. Nope.

We then suffered through 2... and I use the word lightly... museums.

Botcon 09 Hollywood Tour - Awful museum

Guiness was pointless. I have no idea how much someone would pay directly to go through it but it would be entirely too much.

The wax museum was rather laughable too.

I was not happy that Wax Adult Jesus was not doing "big hands". It is very important for Jesus to do "big hands" at Passover.

The Wax Museum is an awful tourist trap that thankfully was at least better than the useless Guiness Museum.

Don't believe the tour was boring?

Botcon 09 Hollywood Tour - What a great tour.

Woozyguy passed out.

Botcon 09 Hollywood Tour - This is how great the tour was.

This guy passed out.

And these are only just a sample!!!

Botcon 09 Hollywood Tour - Rodeo Drive Camel Toe

However, I am happy I got a pic of Rodeo Drive Camel Toe!


To top it off, one of the Siebertron,com guys got lost and separated from the bus which resulted in us getting delayed even more from returning to the convention center.

However, and this is what pisses me off, we pulled over at the LaBrea Tar Pits to wait for him.

Botcon 09 Hollywood Tour - LaBrea Tar Pits

And that was actually interesting!!!

I would have much rather taken that unexpected tour instead of the 2 shitty museum ones! Alas, there was not enough time.

Botcon 09 Hollywood Tour - We were obviously not on the cool bus.

I can only imagine how awesome the Cool Bus tour was given the fact our was so uncool.

Anyway, we got back an hour late and then waited in lines for many hours to buy the add-ons and such.

I finally hooked up with the cronies while they were in line.

Also me this great couple from Northern California. It was Nick and Kari's first Botcon so I always love to get reactions from people who have never been to this thing. They were also at our hotel too.

I'd have to say the best part of day 2?

Botcon 09 Hollywood Tour - Noms

The 2000+ calorie dessert of funnel cake and real whipped cream!


Razorclaw and Elita-1 any good?


Well, I just picked up both on Ebay for $100... :oS So, I hope they're good!

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