Back from Pasadena


Back from Pasadena.

Not much in the way of photos. Why take photos of the same old shit a thousand other people are taking photos of and posting on the internets.

And honestly, seeing my friends was the only great thing and pretty much the only reason I come to this any more.

Briefly spoke with the Crazy Steve one day.

Met a great couple from northern California.

Met and briefly hung out with some Non-Greater Cowland Yet Still Cowlanders from Indianer.

Suffered through a Hollywood tour that was just plain boring and awful.

Ate great sushi.

Had a great time at the Paramount Party with everybody but had to deal with the dated melodic stylings of Stan Bush. I think he played the same song like 10 times.

Based on the fact that nobody I know, including myself, could sell off our Botcon 09 sets, I'd have to say that the generally feeling I got was that it was a massive dud. Some of the add-ons being the only thing of real value and want.

All I really bought was the Henkei Thrust and Dirge since I got 'em both for $120. I managed to find a few of the JUSCO exclusive candy-colored Car Robots Spychangers.

That's about it.

If anybody wants a 2009 Boxed Set for $295 + shipping let me know. That's what I paid for it. And also, I sent in the wrong form and it was the one with the f'n loose set on it. If anybody wants a loose set I have one for $190 + shipping.

I had to ship all the shit to Cowtown so it will be here later this week.


Did BBTS or Hirofumi offer to buy sets or give trade value this year? Ebay was deluged with BotCon figures all weekend. Not sure if it was more than years past though.

well, FWIW, I understand that the 'con staff were... let's say "disappointed" with the reaction to this year's set, so next year's will probably be better.

On one hand, I didn't find many of the mold choices this year to be particularly inspiring, although I know they got fucked by Hasbro putting out two repaints of the Scattorshot mold after the club had already gone to work. I never really cared for the C-Red Alert mold, and while I kind of like the Energon Rodimus mold, I would have preferred that the big guy be Thunderclash. Oh well.

Maybe next year will be something cool. I hear a lot of people were asking about an Animated set, which would be pretty neat, but probably divisive. They'd have to do it next year if they were ever going to do it - the fandom will be on to whatever the next thing is by 2011.

The thing is, with all the cool shit Hasbro is cranking out, the club has to seriously step it up - that Punch/Counterpunch is a step in the right direction, but the coolest repaints we got this year were store exclusives. They have to find shit that people really want that is also feasible with the limits Hasbro gives them.

I'm surprised they haven't used the C-Downshift mold yet, though. Shocked, even. That's a great little figure.

Every year I see Botcon coming up and I want to go, but, like you're seeing, it just isn't really worth the effort. Last year, I'd made a fan film that I wanted to enter in their little film festival, but then I found I had to pay $300 simply to attend the screening, let alone be eligible to be recognized for the film. "Sure, you can give us your film for free and get no credit, but you have to pay us a small fortune if you want to watch it."

The table from which you purchased Dirge and Thrust was taking Scourge for $60 in cash and $80 in trade. I used my extra to get a boxed Sky Garry for $20 plus trade. They are so nice there.

The only set that sold out by the time we left was the Sweeps. Of course one of the worst sellers there had a set going for $150. But I saw another table trying to offload the Botcon set for $250. Even FunPub announced sets were for sale and mentioned including LeoKaiser with the set, noting he would not be available with a web purchase. When they have to bribe you with the add-on, you know it's a poorly received set.

Hey Nala,

I totally agree with you about taking pictures of the same shit which everyone else will be taking and posting on the internet. For example, the Hasbro toy display. I did take pictures of he G1 Unicron. I could not believe how huge that thing is!

Glad you made it back okay. It was a pleasure meeting you.


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