Yes. I did it.


I decided to pre-order a few of the things I've wanted... and one was already in stock!

So I've got Henkei Hound and Ravage coming soon.

Also put on order Masterpiece Grimlock, Henkei Red Alert, Henkei Smokescreen, and surprisingly Henkei Cyclonus and Nightstick.

Red Alert was a total given.

The chrome on Henkei Smokesrceen just makes him so appealing.

And I was back and forth on Henkei Cyclonus.

He's totally different than the Hasbro one so I sorta-kinda could justify him.

And if a visitor to The Crack Den questions why I have two I can always say it is "his armada".

Which reminds me... did "his armada" ever really appear after the Movie? I can't seem to recall if they ever appeared in Season 3 or Headmasters. And quite frankly, I can't sit through those old cartoons anymore.


They didn't re-appear outside of animation errors.
One where a generic decepticon appeared next to Cyclonus, using Cyclonus' model and Dirge's deco.
And one in 5 faces part 5 where 5 Cyclonuses (Cycloni?) were drawn instead of 5 scourges.

I wonder if Red Alert will get a Universe release. I've already ordered Henkei Smokescreen, and that's one more Henkei figure than I wanted to order. (But it just looks so good!)

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