TF Universe Inferno

TF Universe Inferno

Oh my god!

Sweet sweet robot love!

He may just be the best Classics/Universe2 figure I've had the pleasure to buy.

TF Universe Inferno is the 2157th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Inferno

Now I just need my Henkei Red Alert and the kit parts .


mine is coming next monday!! i can't wait, he is such a gorgeous mold! :D :D

Most definitely on my must buy list once he arrives on the Island...


Yeah, I can't wait for this guy to hit the shelves.

Definitely my favorite Universe 2.0 figure released so far. I really had no idea about the amount of awesomeness this figure contained until I opened that box.

He almost seems a cut above quality-wise compared to the other Universe stuff. Only Ultra Onslaught seems to be even in the same league. Congrats on picking up a great figure.

That's a great figure! I'll be all over that when he comes out here. The kit's a pretty great idea too. I'm amazed there is already one made up!

I can't wait! Other than my animated collection, I'm limiting myself to Fire/Rescue vehicles, and as an EMT/FF, Inferno and Red Alert were always my fave characters.

can't wait to find this and get the upgrade kit with the ladder

I dunno, I almost don't want the ladder - he's explicitly G2 Inferno, hence two fists and a water cannon.

I'm both - in the US, most EMS services are run by the fire department.

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