Wow! I'm kinda liking Electro Disruptor Mirage


So I'm debating about adding yet another f'n Classics Mirage redeco to the Crack Den.

The cost is a bit on the high end, but given the magazine exclusive nature of the figure, and the fact that I gotta get it from Japan it makes sense.

It meets the needs of my growing focus on translucent figures and also happens to be a mold I love.

But do I need a 5th new hat?


He looks pretty damn awesome. Good character choice too. Mirage goes invisible right?

As far as picking it up I guess if you have 4 others you might not NEED this one. But if you really want it and its worth the cash, go for it.

To be honest, he's far better than the blue version that people snagged at Botcon so i would say yeah, pick him up...

That is brilliant. I agree with b_r_u_t_i_c_u_s. You like the figure and you like the concept. Go for it!

Dude. there is no saying 'no' to a classics figure in any iteration... YOU WILL CAVE IN!

there are a few classics i've passed on but this wouldn't be one of them. his bot mode is mostly invisible while his alt mode solid, it's like two different types in one.

I've already put on pre-order

where can it be preordered?

I second slugpitcher's question. I gotta know where to get me one.

Like there was ever any doubt you'd order him. :)

I wouldn't mind picking one up myself - the combination of clear acrylic and black is gorgeous - but we've somehow managed to go from zero to twelve Busou Shinkis in a single month... it's definitely time to padlock the wallet.

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