Transformers Universe Dragstrip

Transformers Universe Dragstrip

Sure. I've got 3 other versions of this mold with another one on the way but damn... I loves it!

I wish they'd come up with the other 4 Stunticons at least. It'd be great to have a pack of them and they sure as hell don't need Motor Master.

Transformers Universe Dragstrip is the 2149th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Universe Dragstrip

I wish he had some actual chrome on him instead of the painted silver/grey. I think it would make the yellow "pop" a bit.

Transformers Universe Dragstrip (box)

And yes... I'm totally in love with Hasbro's "special edition" exclusive packaging. The monochrome graphics evoke much a E-Hobby's stuff but the glossy touch on parts of the graphic is... how did we say in the early 90s... the shit!


"Three other versions of this mold with another one on the way". I get Mirage, Clear Mirage and Fracture...who's the "other one"? And I'm with you, this mold kicks tailpipe!

I love the freakin' packaging! I bought them all through intermediaries (thank you Teresa)! I want more!

I only picked up this exclusive ... nice redeco. And I hope they release the other stunticons in universe.

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