Transformers Universe Overkill

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Transformers Universe Overkill

Not a huge fan of the Classics Grimlock mold so using it to do an homage to relatively obscure character Overkill didn't appeal to me.

But I bought it because 1) I am both a loser and 2) I am a sucker for packaging like this.

Transformers Universe Overkill is the 2148th Transformer that I've acquired.

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Hey, I bought it AND I have the Botcon 07 paint class edition...

(Speaking of, is anything left from that year that didn't get released publicly somehow? Dirge, Thrust, Thundercracker, Springer (as a helicopter but Roadbuster in a very similarly coloured attack vehicle mode) and now Overkill? All this and I'm still waiting on Elita-One...)

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