Transformers Animated Ratchet (Target Exclusive)

Transformers Animated Ratchet (Target Exclusive)

Ya know... I loved the insanely yellow Mudflap repaint.

Hell... I'm not one to shy away from bright horribly gay Transformer color pallets either.

But damn... he's just one fugly mo fo.

Perhaps I'll paint a goatee on him and he'll be Earth-3 Ratchet or something.

Transformers Animated Ratchet (Target Exclusive) is the 2155th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Animated Ratchet (Target Exclusive)

He's barely worth the $4 clearance price. I would never have bought him if he hadn't been reduced so much.

The yellow just makes him look cheap.


Now, see, I usually hate yellow, just as a matter of course. It's my least favorite color. But I really like this Ratchet! I actually don't think he looks cheap at all. I just wish I could come up with another name for him because I want him to have some reason for being besides to get my 10 dollars.

I know what you mean---sometimes a figure comes along that the plastic doesn't quite feel right on compared to other figures in the line. This new matte finish for the animated stuff has taken me a while to get used to.

Maybe it's just the batch my local Target got, but I love my Rescue Ratchet. His yellow is quite a bit more "mellow" than other pictures I've seen. And the paint apps look more purposeful than my original TFA Ratchet.

But then, I think I may be biased, because his coloring/lightbars almost exactly match the ambulances the FD I volunteer for uses. ;-)

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