TF Movie Mudflap

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TF Movie Mudflap

Micromaster Erector baby! That's what this paint job is! And when I saw it... I had to have it.

I'm not much into random shelf-filling repaints but this one was aimed squarely at me.

The insanely bright yellow and white is just awesome!

TF Movie Mudflap is the 2088th Transformer that I've acquired.

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I picked him up about 2 months ago and was slightly disappointed. He truely is a homage to G1, this guy's basically a brick in terms of articulation.

Was eyeing the TF Armada Red Alert/Inferno TRU exclusive as well, but the robot mode looked so crappy.

isn't this a new head? I can't remember---and if so, then they could have done a new head on the Blaster repaint of Soundwave. Anyway, I'll probably get Mudflap, but not Red Alert.

On second thought, I guess it's the same head---I just went to look at my son's. Wow, that's really different in yellow, isn't it?

I love him in yellow!

I'm not happy with this repaint, it looks too cartoony. I went for the energon mudflap myself

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