Transformers Universe Cheetor

chTransformers Universe Cheetor

Of course he's leaps and bounds over the original but he suffers from the kibbleish aspects necessary to create realistic animal alt modes.

Transformers Universe 25th Anniversary Cheetor is the 2151st Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Universe Cheetor

His cheetah mode is great and has so much of the sleekness missing from the original.

Transformers Universe Cheetor

But there's still something that fails with him.

Don't get me wrong... he's a good figure.

But the Beast era characters will always be hard to capture in plastic and be fully transformable.


I think it might be the face that is the problem. Something not quite right there.

Universe Cheetor's not too bad - I like the mold.

TF Universe Hound & Cyclonus are pure AWESOME.
Trust me.

this is the first incarnation of cheetor i've even had the slightest inkling to buy... if if fit in with the OP cybertron beast mode i'd say must have but as is... i can wait until it's on sale.

A Cheetor that cannot be repainted as Tigatron? Blasphemy, I say! Seriously though, I can't "get into" this Cheetor. I've liked all the reimagining of all the Classics/Universe figs so far...but Cheetor leaves me kinda "meh". Beast mode is nice, but robot mode seems off. Strangely, his face seems more "canine" than "feline" i.e. a pug or bulldog. On a side note, I agree with DL. Cyclonus and Hound are teh awesum!

I was completely indifferent about Cheetor here but you have made me reconsider. I don't know that I will necessarily get him, maybe on sale.

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