TF Animated Lugnut


TF Animated Lugnut

I had very high hopes for him.

But out of the package, his cockpit won't really close and the one turret keeps falling off.

Not good.

TF Animated Lugnutis the 2067th Transformer that I've acquired.


The cockpit on mine is temperamental at times, but luckily I've seemed to luck out on all the Animated stuff so far. No real problems to speak of. It sucks that Hasbro's quality control has fallen down so low, it seems.

You just don't know what you're getting these days with Hasbro, quality-wise.
Although I've gotten some Cybertron figures in the past that had their fair share of quality problems.

I have the same cockpit troubles. I have to push the left side of the cockpit well past what I would consider "danger" territory to get it to lock into place.

What's with Hasbro's insistence on making the two largest characters in the show shorter than an average deluxe figure? I love the mold, although colors are kinda bland, just wish it was like 3 times bigger.

The Animated toys look nice but they're all kind of a bitch to transform. I got Prowl into bot mode and for some reason can't seem to get him back into motorcycle.
Also, the parts seem to fall off easy. My Starscream never came with a thumb...I don't know why that bugs me so much. I feel silly taking it back just for that though.

it seems to me that whatever factory they contracted for the animated figures really lacked quality control. i hope they step it up next time. i wonder if there is a place to complain in hopes of them increasing the QC.

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