TF Animated Grimlock


TF Animated Grimlock

TF Animated Grimlock is the 2066th Transformer that I've acquired.


Grimlock is definitely my fav out of the animated figures. Even the G1 transformation homage is sweet!

I was a little disapointed with Animated Grimlock. While he's sizeable enough in dino mode, he's really short in robot mode...not much taller than Animated BB. I also got Lockdown (gimpy wrists required some plastic to be shaved off) and BB. Bumblebee is okay, I don't like how much his stingers stick out in "off" mode. Overall, I'm not really impressed by the Animated line so far...not sure how many past the Dinobots I'll get. I guess I'll wait to see what Nala says of the figs, and then go from there.

Congratulations, Nala, you've graduated to Canary in the Transformers Coal Mine.

I really want this guy ...

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