One way conversation.


So. How ya been?

That bad eh?

Yeah. Pretty much same here.

Spent all morning moving pallets and shit on a humid dank loading dock at work. Between that, the feeling of puking from the stickiness, and my back and shoulder blades hurting like a mo fo this is looking to be a shitty weekend.

The robots?

Nah. Haven't got the room done yet.

I pull a few out every day and throw 'em up on the shelf. I try to dust them off at least.

No. I'm still not completely sure what the hell I'll be getting rid of.

Huh? Oh yeah, I'll probably be selling off a bagged set of Botcon Games of Deception that I shouldn't have bought.

No. Black Fire Convoy is not for sale.

Hah! That's funny. You are right. I have absolutely no idea how Botcon Ratchet's head managed to get stuck and won't flip up. Maybe I'll let Arjun play with him and he can figure it out. Those Ukraindian kids are clever like that.

Comfest? Ugh. No. If you've been to 15+ Comfests you've been to them all. And the gays just had to move their gay parade to the same weekend at the same location so as to make the last week of June even more horrible.

Hah! You too? I almost ran over a drag queen once too but with a 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix!

No. There's never been a Grand Prix Transformer. Bears. Bunnies. Giraffes. Bugs. No. No Grand Prixes (sic). No. I don't think there have been Otters either.

Me? I'll probably go home and lay on an ice pack for 30 minutes or so. I may take a vicodan. If I'm gonna spent the night messed up on goofballs for my pain I should probably hit Target and snag The Beast With A Billion Backs on the way home.


Maybe earlier.

No. I already took off 2 hours early to go home and lay down.

Hah! Funny you should ask about all the work I haven't got to. AEP came over yesterday. The Hoont was barking his head off and woke me up. Sure enough the guy was at the door.

Yeah. I managed to get them to agree to tear down those 2 awful and bare pine trees that are in the back yard. They reach up into the power lines somewhat but apparently it isn't something to worry about.

They'll cut them down but they'll leave the waste in the yard. They'll cut them to a safe area and then I'll have to chainsaw them down to the stump.

No. I don't know if "to chainsaw" is a verb or not.

I've got a shitload of other debris that needs to get carted to the dump. Apparently they'll take the wood from the pine trees.

Sell it? Hah! And what, buy more useless robots? Not on your life.

Daddy needs new deck and patio furniture!


What's a good way to take the dust off dusty toys anyway? Compressed air? Wet wash rag?

Plastic Model Builder's tip - a woman's blush applicator brush (blush brush) is a handy way to dust your figures.

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