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Botcon sets since Fun Publications took over.

Which should I keep?

Boxed set or a loose but sealed bagged set?


If it was me i would keep the boxed sets and sell on the bagged ones to be honest...

The boxes themselves add to the overall presentation (in my opinion) and if you ever decided to display them then the boxed sets with the lid off or open should be easier to do i should imagine than the bagged ones...

I'd keep everything except the goateed Hot Rod, which I'd send to my good friend Dan. But that's just me.

Honestly, I've never been a boxed collector; I'd keep the bagged sets for opening and display, and sell the boxed sets, since they'll go for more.

In terms of sets, I fall down on keeping the boxed collections and letting the bagged wonders go. I'm a fan of MC's boxes to be honest. I love how they are consistently the same size and you can take the toys in and out of the package so well.

That said, if you are considering keeping only select figures from each set, then dump the boxes and keep the loose ones. But only if they get to be displayed.

Although I'm going to take this advice myself, I'd say the real keepers of the last four cons are as follows:

2008 - Goldbug, Jazz, Megatron, Sideswipe (and Prime just because Megatron is staying). Richochet is also weird enough to save.

2007 - Thrust, Dirge, Thundercracker, Springer, Alpha Trion, Weirdwolf (I love that guy!). But I'd encourage you to keep Bugbite and Dreadwing (and thus the boxed set) and Huffer. They did a good job that year - even if I really don't care for the Huffer.

2006 - Keep the box! Please keep the box! Only thing I'd dump from this year is Buzzsaw and Laserbeak.

2005 - Deathsauras, Ironhide, Ratchet (don't let him go, unless you have a second and you want to trade for cash or homemade munnies...), Fallback. I like the cyberjets, so I'd not let Richochet go, but that is just me. And I'd probably hold onto Chromia too.

Probably more than you wanted to keep.

I'm always leary about the exclusives leading up to the convention, but year after year I leave happy with what I got (from MasterCollector). The main sets with the exception of 2005 are all keepers to me. I used to think the boxes were a waste, but I really just love the presentation and display-ability of them. When I open that box, I really feel like those are exclusive special figures. 3H never made me feel like that. I'd keep the 2006,7,8 boxed sets and pick and choose with the souvenir sets.

Boxed. Bags don't display impressively.

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