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"Besides, if I didn't buy Final Crisis, I'd just spend the money on booze and hookers."

My how that so easily translates to "If I didn't by transforming robots I'd just spend the money on pot, house remodeling, dog food, and hookers."


I've actually taken a stand in that I will never buy another DC comic with the word Crisis in it. I'm a huge DC fan so thats saying something. I'm just sick and tired of their shit.

I heard something about them killing Martian Manhunter...that bothers me. I don't know if its true or not but its what I heard. Meh.

I mostly read the Bat stuff. I like all his supporting characters like Nightwing and Robin etc. My favorite book for a long time has been Catwoman. I found out the other day they're canceling her monthly title.

DC seems so random with decisions they make. Killing Blue Beetle, the Question, now Jonn.

I find I'm getting less and less excited about "new comic day" these days. I even missed it altogether this week. I will give Action a look though when I go back next.

This is going to sound funny but with all the revamps they go through in the comics I've adopted "The Animated Series" as cannon. All the Bruce Timm stuff from Batman to JLU.

For the most part they distilled the essence of the characters into something easy to follow. Sometimes they improved them with a new origin like Brainiac or Mr. Freeze. Others they dropped the ball like not including Hal Jordon. (but I am a big fan of John Stewart. I just never liked Kyle Rayner)

I collect Superman stuff(toys etc) but I never really followed his comic. My toy collection is actually centered around Batman and Superman.

I picked up the first story arc of Superman Confidential which I thought was good. I get Superman/Batman every so often but not religiously.

Canon is whatever Grant Morrison says it is.

Or at least it will be by the time he's done. I don't know. Wake me up when Scott Free shows up again. Then again, they did reintroduce Sonny Sumo, so things can't be all bad.

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