And shelving was assembled.


So today I'm trying to wrap up the shelf assembly for the new Crack Den.

P4 - Day 21- Major paint in the ass

What a pain in the ass these are to assemble.

It is taking me close to 90 minutes per shelf.

P4 - Day 21- Shelf building

Somebody with a better back could probably do it a lot faster.

I just want these 2nd floor projects done!!!


It will be high time to display your ungodly amounts of crack proper!

I have a feeling I'll get a good amount of vicarious enjoyment beyond what I usually do.

Although this does remind me of how I need to sort out a bit of my own toy robot display. It's lately been in a transition (i.e.: Lately I don't know just where the hell I want to put what.)

I'm having a very non-crack month. I think holidays broke my brain. But I love the shelves. Where did you get them again?

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