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Eddie Izzard

Holy shit!!!

Thanks to Kelmeister's alert, and Giga figuring out what the presale code is, I just snagged us 2 super mega decent seats to Eddie Izzard here at The Palace for his May show.

This is better than toy robots!

Lots better!


You lucky buggers. :)

Lucky bastard I would love to see Eddie Izzard live.

You there Cake or Death?!

XM Comedy plays some of his bits on occasion so I get to listen to that during the work day. Headphones of course I think my co-workers head's would pop if they heard anything other than syndicated adult contemporary.

But yes the HBO recording of his Dressed To Kill tour was the best performance of that tour.

Nala: Cost my good man, cost. I would love to see him, as would the wife; but web developer still doesn't pay high enough. I'll just have to hope we catch him on a biannual visit to London. :)

BTW, my brother saw him in Australia and apparently it bordered on some sort of comic religious experience, so I think you'll be in for a treat.

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