Wasn't there a miracle where Jesus melted the snow or something?


Holy shit! Cowland snow!So about 20 minutes or so our little fun and exciting Winter Snow Warning was upgraded to a Blizzard warning with the possibility of an additional 3" to 10" over the 3-4 we already got.

While we've had shitloads of rain, we've been pretty much snow free most of the season.

That's about normal for Cowtown where December through February is pretty much just a damp grey dreary want-to-slit-your-wrists kinda of season.

I spent an hour getting the snow shoveled but if it picks back up like the weather geeks predict then it'll have been for naught.

Looks like I'll have a full weekend to work on getting the the site redesign finalized and try to at least get the future layout spread to the entries and archives. There's so many frigg'n templates to search out and redo. Not fun.


this is the beautiful thing about snowstorms. You are housebound and you don't feel guilty about it.

I sometimes miss the snow ... sometimes.

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