Toys #230103 that I will never enter my house.


2008-03-07-chick.jpgMaybe it is because I'm just a TF guy with the occasional foray into Getters and 80s Micronauts but can somebody out there explain to me who would buy this and why would they buy it?

I don't understand a lot of that sorta-deformed-lolita-anime-half-naked teen girl crap.

Be it statue, poster, figure, or what have you.


I guess some people get off on this stuff. How anyone could get a boner from this is anyone's guess.


The sad thing is, those kinds of figures are usually in the $40-$60 range. I don't get it either because if that stuff gets you off, you can buy a stack of H-doujinshi for about a tenth of that.

What do people who collect that kind of stuff tell their friends when they come over?


Nala-You think that's bad, go to entertainment earth and find the ones with removable clothes.


Of course, now that I think back, they did the same thing with pornstars a while ago and I'm not sure that's any better.

To dive in on the side of the collectors; there are a lot of folks that appreciate these figures for what they are - well-manufactured, collectible representations of favoured characters and / or artist works.

Then there are the fans that take pictures of themselves - uh - proudly 'defiling' their collection... but really, how different are they from the types writing Megatron x Starscream slashfic?

It's a style; some appreciate it, some don't. :)

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