Cowtown Snow Storm - Clintonhood gets at least 10"


It has been snowing for a little under 24 hours. There have been a few lulls here and there but we've got at least 8" or so and it isn't supposed to stop until 5pm or so.

We may just end up with 10-12" total.

Cowtown Snowstorm - Clintonhood under 10 inches

Cowtown Snowstorm - Clintonhood under 10 inches

Cowtown Snowstorm - Clintonhood under 10 inches

Cowtown Snowstorm - Clintonhood under 10 inches

I shoveled for an hour yesterday and Giga shoveled this morning but every time you clear something more snow just comes in (or blows in dammit) to fill the space!

Cowtown Snowstorm - Clintonhood under 10 inches

And Hoont Poop Zones? Ugh! Almost impossible to keep clear.

It is a sad sad thing when the snow is taller than your dog.


oh no!! poor pooch! that is a LOT of freaking snow dude. here it has been raining for about 24 hours. not even remotely as impressive as that snow!!

We've been getting the same snow here too. Its strange weather this winter! A tonn of snow will come down. Then it gets really warm and rains. Then the snow melts and floods my laundry room and basement...then it gets really cold so all the rain water freezes. Then it snows like a mofo again. At least I don't have to work today so I can hide inside or maybe go for a walk.

The flood did one good thing for me. It convinced me to get rubbermaid containers to replace my comic book boxes. I don't keep them on the floor or anything but still, can't be too careful. :)

Man, I haven't seen snow that deep since I was 12! (A long time ago... Or it feels like it anyway!)


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