Transformers Movie Jolt (Wal-Mart Exclusive)


Transformers Movie JoltYeah. I had to get him. I was really looking for Big Daddy but alas, he was not to be found.

And the grey and purple goodness just appeals to me so much. I just can't explain it.

Now I will say he'll never be leaving car mode. I can't stand the bot mode on him at all but I do love the car a lot.

I almost bought Stockade and Divebomb but I really didn't want Stockade and Divebomb's paint deco is actually pretty garish.

Oh well... I must now find me the Daddy of Bigness!

Transformers Movie Jolt is the 2030th Transformer that I've acquired.


I think you should try Stockade---I think he's a really good looking figure. It is a shame they gave him those punching fists instead of another weapon, but as a robot or vehicle, I think he's pretty decent.

Stockade is COOL. I managed to acquire him from an American ebayer for pittance...

Which is nice.

Also have Big Daddy.

Which is also nice!


I don't know why, but I must have Big Daddy-o. It's not like that mold is particularly great or anything...

Big Daddy will even replace Evac as your favourite Movie/Allspark TF - He's that Awesome!

I still have an extra Big Daddy if you want it, otherwise, it's going to a local friend. Let me know dude.

Didnt you say Stockade was your 2019th figure?

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