And he still hates you.


kiddie shockwave, originally uploaded by puppylove2363.


While Nala is not usually into "super-deformed" or kiddie stuff, frequent commenter Teresa's drawings on Flikr caught his eye.

Even Kiddie Shockwave still hates you.

She captured the utterly cruel master of Cybertron perfectly.

No matter how he's drawn.

He hates you.

Pssst... take it to 11... have him holding a small version of himself in gun mode.

Now that's a Shockwave that really really really hates you by flaunting his awesomeness right in your face!


i click over here only see my drawing! ha! glad you like him... in all his evil glory. even if it happens to be cute evil glory. :D

"While Nala is not usually into "super-deformed" or kiddie stuff"

Please, go look at your Robot Heroes collection, return, and repeat that statement. I'll wait.

Dear Nala McMyCrotchetyFriendRob-

C'mon, I thought I was a little more eloquent than Rhinox.

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