Thalidomide Megatron really really really hates you.

Thalidomide Megatron really really really hates you.

What really really really sucks is his gun broke off when I did this.

He hasn't even been out of the box for an hour!!!


really??? mine it totally fine! huh. well, if you need it, i have seen him at several stores around here, if you wanted one that wasn't broken...

The hands on my Rev Prime and Megs are really hard to remove. My other Revoltech figures aren't like that. I'm guessing that trying to get the hands out is what did it?

i threw mine against a brick wall and it was fine!

That sucks balls man...

I've never had a problem like that with any of my Revoltech, although i do normally remove all the joints and get them lined up perfectly for posing and then pretty much leave them the hell alone just in case...

I've heard cases though of people having to dremel the holes where the R joint attaches to get a proper fit so it seems a bit hit and miss with the Revoltech figures to be quite honest...

Although from what i've read, it does seem to be the first batches of figures that go out that seem to be the most knackered...

Hopefully my pre-ordered Starscream & Rodimus won't have any problems when they arrive *crosses fingers*

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