I was happier then with no mind-set.


So apparently the Gay Robot Convention registration crap is in the mail.

Some peoples on the Club board got them already.

It angers me to a degree... well a lot actually... that there are still absolutely no guests listed at all.

Part of me, the retarded part actually, always gives FP the benefit of the doubt, and then the other part of me constantly wonders if they really don't have too much in the queue and that's why this shit gets dragged out for so long.

Do any of you go to the Dollcon? Is it run the same way as this?

Personally, I'm hoping for a reappearance by that guitarist from that band that played that one song on the 80s soundtrack. He was so awsome!!!

mrduce1018 has popped up on the Club boards which always heralds that the GRC is near. At least I think so.

Me popping up on that board is actually a definite indicator that the con is coming. Woozles however seems to be all over that. I haven't figured out if he intentionally causes trouble or not. (I kind of hope that's the affirmative!)

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing zetaconvoy, mr and missus duce1018, Woozles, creepy snack stealing/eating boy, and so many others.

I just wish I were in better health. Why couldn't the damn thing been after summer! Grrrr.


I'm planning on being there at least Saturday. Going for general admission. I suppose unless I find out that it's a 5 hour line.

My wife and I will be in the city starting late Thursday though. Likely going to the Zoo on Friday.

Joecon isn't about guests, though. They get the guys doing the current comic and maybe Larry Hama and they're fine. Big Joe fans don't care about guests, and little joe fans only care about Hama because they all hate the cartoon.

So it's not th esame, really.

It's not so much that I care about the guests, it's that I care about organization. If you are putting on an event, with an admission fee of $100 or $300 (depending on toys), plus travel and hotel costs, I expect some effort to be made to ensure people know what they are getting. Besides just toys.

I appreciate the custom and casting courses, and pre-event planning, but a fulsome agenda in advance is actually expected by those who actually go to conventions and trade shows in the "real" world. Why should my hobby be any different - see any Comic Convention for illustration.

They haven't even hinted that they are looking. The whole thing looks like they're gonna take the money and run, since they clearly don't have to do anything more given the demand. If that's the case, and they've gone into "play to the speculator market" mode, the long-term effects could be very bad indeed.

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