Must have Lego Sandworm... NOW!


Now it is obvious I have a certain love-hate relationship with transforming robots, all of that interest pales in comparison to my true love of Frank Herbert's Dune, God-Emperor of Dune, and the other 4 novels.

Yes. Here at The 'Crack, those fan fiction novels that have been produced over the past years by certain low-talented writers under the Dune banner do not even exist in their own little bubble continuity. They are kindling and that's about it.

Anyway, I've never had any wish for ancillary crap about Dune at all. In fact, I've never purchased any of the (crappy) 80s movie toys even. And that's a good thing.

However, while catching up on my reading at Toybender today I came across this awesome little Lego Dune creation!

I love the Fremen with their thumper, stillsuits, and chrysknife!

I'm wondering what I'd have to do... and the cost associated with it... to buy enough of the right Lego sets to make me a full-on Leto the God-Emperor surrounded by a 20-30 Fish Speakers!

Or Darwi Odrade leading the Bene Gesserit against the Honored Matres... all in Lego plastic goodness.



I saw this the other day...

It's awesome *nods*

Who needs to buy individual sets when you can design and special order it yourself?

Kinda related: was the SciFi Channel Children of Dune mini-series any good? I got their Dune min-series version on DVD, which was pretty good - but never got around to getting the sequel. Thoughts?

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