Internet acquaintances, my brothers in Polonia, fellow geeks-in-geekdom, lend me your eyes.

I come not to bury Nala... just to bury his will and self-control.

No. Really.

One side of my internal monologue has declared shenannigans and is seeking fisticuffs with the other side of my internal monologue over the dumbest possible thing that I've even blogged about recently.

Do I... or do I not... buy BT-19 and BT-20 to continue the now complete Binaltech, Binaltech Asterisk, and Kiss Play collection that I own?

Hell... I even own E-Hobby Rijie and Wonderfest Black Convoy!

That is the question... do I... or do I not?

It is during trying questioning times I ask myself "What would Crazy Steve do?"

Ya know... that's not too bad of a question to ask myself everytime I waste money on useless crack.



If you're a completist, then pick 'em up.

If you're looking at 'em as individual figures, don't drop a cent on 'em.

No. And No.. See Black Convoy is good, There is Geek Envy here. but.... No. Then again I'vem just enjojyed Rose again. So what do I know?

I say no. Talk about boring repaints. Next they'll be releasing the Alternator Mustang as Barricade.

Well, these are just effing lazy. I managed to avoid Camshaft and he was better done than Bluestreak. (WHO WAS NEVER BLUE. WHY CALL HIM BLUESTREAK WHEN THEY'VE ALREADY DONE HIM CORRECTLY?!? I did pick up Ricochet and Rollbar, but I liked the reprolabel sets that converted them to Decepticons.) And, well, the less I talk about the movie the better.

So I say no, and I'm a very easy mark when it comes to Alt/BTs.

While logic and reason say no, my inner completist screams yes.

If it makes you feel any better, I am fighting a similar battle on this one. Since I collect Alternators, I'm not so knee-deep in it (since the only binaltec I'm seeking are the ones that are significantly different than their cheaper plastic cousins). But if this turns out to be the case... I'll be the first in line...

It better work this time...

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