How's it go'n?

You do'n well?

That's cool.

Anyway, I'm very very very close to starting what likely may be a first for pointlessly lame Transformers blogs.

Then again, I've been blogging the Transformers lameness for so many years now that I've probably had a few more firsts than I ever cared to think about.

But anyway...

I know it isn't Transformers-related in your lives, but it is most definitely stupidly geektastic in my own.

Some of you may think it blog clutter, but I'm going to cross-post the Domicile: Project 4 here since many of you have contributed your thoughts and ideas and have even sent some real good possible links for future elements.

Domicile: Project 4 is the creation of the future Crack Vault™, replacement for the once mighty but now long gone but never forgotten Attic of Love™.

Now my goal is simple: Create a stylish place for my shit that is something an adult can appreciate.

And by adult, I mean it has to be free of so much of what I hate about people's toy rooms. It can't have shelves that cost less and look worse than some of the toys that are sitting on them. It has to be Nala, but it has to be the currently aging Nala and not the 20-something Nala that started buying all this crap.

That's an important thing for me... something that I think can often get lost in the mind of most collectors.

We eventually become very different people from the ones that started collecting. And aesthetics and what we find acceptable at 37 are very different than what we might find acceptable at 21 or even 27.


Won't you join me on my journey of room redesign and remodeling to make the Crack Vault™ not look like shit?

I know you want to.

I've got the Hypno Toad on my side.

You have no choice.



I am in favor of inducing this crosstalk. There is much we can learn from our home-handyman friends. For instance, many new words. I made up five last week, while installing 2/0 copper feeders.

Electrical inspector passed the whole thing in a heartbeat. Rubber stamp. I felt cheated, oddly. I felt I had paid for $200-odd worth of harassment and got hardly a sawbuck's value.

But seriously, this Vault effort may be worth emulating...something elegant, something the wife isn't embarassed to show guests...that would be revolutionary.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Well if we don't have a choice...

Let the high quality display of TFs begin (I bet they're happy that they're moving out of their box)

All hail the Hypno Toad...

At any rate I say go for it and since it's related to the vault it belongs here. they don't like it they don't read it.

Hope the crack vault design goes well!

That's my dream too, to one day have my TFs on display on a toy room all my own on nice shelves, instead of the current state of my toys: all hidden in boxes and closets, with only the recent acquisitions on display on a dresser.

This isn't related to TF's but it is related to collecting. Here in Canada we have a channel called Space. They often do segments for collectors about collectors called "It came from the Basement". I can't find the one I want to show you on the net but they've done several about Star Wars. One guy had what could be considered a classy display. I wanted to show it to you. But I can't find it.

I will however share a link to another one and maybe one day the one thats really cool will turn up.

I actually started reading mostly for the high quality display of the toys.

My Google hits for random TF names kept having high ranks here.

Sounds like a grand plan, and one we can all agree with - nothing says "Throwback to Mom's basement" like a mismosh of different shelves welded together with superglue and twist-ties.

I look forward with glee to seeing how this turns out. Just be careful with your back this time! :)


Thanks. You may want to consider looking at the wiring and perhaps adding some lighting, before starting the plaster work. In a way, I hate to recommend that, because old wiring can be hard to deal with, and soon you've snowballed into a complete rewire, oops.

Still, doing one room isn't too bad, and you won't have to cut into your nice, finished walls later on. Furthermore, you can add really nice lighting and make Shockwave look even more Sexy. SHE WILL LOVE YOUR ONE EYED MONSTER. (How'd you miss that spam title?)

Some light cans and track spotlights would be neat and all museum-like. I wouldn't recommend fluorescents, unless there is some cheap way around UV fading color.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

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