Beware the robuts (in best Zoidberg voice)


Swarms of Transformer-style robots to be built (The Telegraph)

ThePickettâ„¢, aka a Mr. Kelmeister and also FRoN posted this on one of my other blogs.

A £4.6 million project to create swarms of hundreds of autonomous, Transformer-style robots has been launched.

Scientists aim to create a prototype team of self-organising, shape-changing mini robots that work as a team by 2013.

The self-healing robots will be able to dock with each other, share energy and co-operate to maximise their abilities to achieve different tasks.

It then goes on to say...
Prof Winfield denied the swarms could go wrong and cause harm to humans, but said scientists could not take responsibility for how societies decided to use them.

"It might sound like something scary from science fiction but it's not, it's just a complex engineering system.

We are so going to have ourselves a Butlerian Jihad a couple of hundred years from now.


Maybe not.

We'll probably kill ourselves off before the thinking machines enslave us.

On the flip (and totally unrelated) side, I'm thinking there's a thesis in this somewhere in regards to the number of scientists who predict shit in the 10-15 year period that never ever amounts to anything.

Hell. We need 50-60 mile per gallon engines (or km per litre for my non-Murican brethen) before we need frigg'n minicons terrorizing our lives.

I can imagine that thesis defense too... almost like out of a Carlin routine.

"Eh! Your full of shit! It is now a proven fact that 9 our of 10 scientists in *fill in the blank* field are full of shit!"


Ok, the fact the professor even mentioned "the swarms could go wrong and cause harm to humans" indicates it's something he's thought about. Scary.

And you're forgetting WE HAD THOSE ENGINES. They've been around for decades. The technology exists. I just don't know why they aren't around NOW, other than pure pocket-filling of the execs. And why isnt anyone talking about this? Documentarians, I'm looking at you! "Who killed the 50mpg car?" not "Who killed the electric car?"

Totally Hitlery Clinton.

Can we call him Stal'n McCain just to complete the "undeserved fascist nickname" trifecta?

now that's funny---"undeserved fascist nickname"---hah!!! I think everyone should have one---like a stripper name!


Do we own technology or does technology own us ?

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