And the wheel turns... turns along the repaint path...


A Spychanger repaint in movie Prime colors???

I'm there!

And he's small and won't take up space.


oh hey, i was thinking - you have friends who collect cels, right?

how unreasonably hard would it be to track down a Shipwreck cel?


IF i can lay my hands on this then i'll definitely add it to my collection as Spychanger Scourge was imo probably the greatest mold in the RID Spychanger line...

And still want to grab the Radio Shack RC Prime and Barricade for messing about with...

This looks cool. Will most definitely add to collection.

On a personal note, Nala, cheers for helping my friend Jim find his bearings in Cowtown! Let's hope he enjoys the hockey!


Yeah. We spent a couple of hours this afternoon hanging out at Gordon Biersch and then we walked down to Barley's which is more of my kind of bar/restaurant, i.e. not a corporate chain.

Smashing, microbreweries galore! It's a shame that I won't be coming to the States any time soon. Not til I'm out of this rut I'm in first...


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