Movie Easter Egg


So yeah. There's all kinds of easter eggs in the new DVD if you get the Family Dollar Exclusive version.

If you click on Shia LaBeouf's package from the easter egg menu for the Michael Bay interview on the 7th inner menu under Special Features you'll find a deleted scene that they so should have left in the movie.

Instead of Bumblebee pissing all over John Turturro's Agent Simmons, he turns around and takes a huge roboshit all over him!!!

I laughed and laughed and rewatched it like 15 times!

Robots shitting!

So funny.

So very very funny.


Won't be long until the easter eggs end up on Youtube so i'll save myself some cash and watch them there...

And lilformers recently had a strip with Shockwave in case you missed it...

I prefer the Dollar General Exclusive version myself. Of course it's much shorter for only a dollar.

Aww, man. I thought that after I got the Enterprise Rent-A-Car exclusive version of the movie, I got all of the official versions. There's a Family Dollar Exclusive, too?

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