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Alternators Ultra Magnus
Originally uploaded by JasonCross.
Remember when we were driving up I-75 from Lexington on the way back to the Cowlands and I saw that white pick-up with the blue stripes and I said they should just get it over with and repaint Alt Prime as Ultra Magnus like that?

Well... here's a custom repaint exactly like I figured he'd look.

Hell... he's got the stripes too!


i saw this on ebay going for around $125...didn't see what the final price was, though.

looks pretty sweet.

I'm a sucker for black/white primes though.

I say keep the Nemesis Prime sealed. Mine has a problem with the passenger door constantly falling off. I think it's another figure that Hasbro didn't expect people to actually play with because you'll see how shoddy their quality control was but it looks good in the package. Everything from 1984 has that problem, actually.

You aren't the first person that I heard that from. You are probably right on the QC.

The white / blue-stripe Ultra Magnus has been done by several people now... we ought to be careful, or Hasbro might start getting ideas! :P

I have one of those; he's very cool. A few ppl have done their own version based on Vector's design, but you really want a genuine one. There's one on eBay right now.

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