I think you're better than Brady Killer.


So the full trailer is out.

And I really didn't give a shit until those few seconds hit of Blackout (from the side) transforming into bot mode.

I knew from the moment I saw the early model sheet that it would be all about Blackout for me.

And now I can confirm that.

Definitely a total Bay movie though and through.

Methinks I will enjoy being drunk with a couple of hundred TF geeks screaming at the screen on this one.

Will it be $50 worth of enjoyment?

Well that depends on how much Jack and Coke I have.


Brady Killer! And I thought I was the only one who knew that ref.

Brady Killer would be the greatest film of all time.

If it was made.

My wife thought I was gonna drag her to a cartoon flick and she didn't know what it was all about until she saw this trailer. If I can win our wager and transform over the next 8 weeks my weak, feeble physique to one with muscles then she'll be joining me on opening night. If I don't transform then she's threatening to scrap all my transformers action figures. Gotta go to the gym...

Finally! Some money shots. Those transformation sequences are going to be something to mark out over, big time. But then again... isn't that Ironhide pulling a John Woo?

Michael Bay scares me. I try to imagine what his life must be like, and all I can think of is a guy that regularly engages in shoot-outs with his wife.

"Here's your eggs, dear."

"These eggs... are cold."

*wife starts to turn round in slow motion*
*Bay reaches for his guns*
*whoop whoop whoop goes the helicopter overhead*

Rich: What do you expect to accomplish training-wise in 8 weeks?

I'm curious.

My wife enlisted me in a program called "Body for Life" where one focuses on weight training, cardio, and proper food intake (carbs, proteins, no donuts) for 12 weeks. I'm 4 weeks into it and actually getting buffer. My wife's motto is "If you transform then I'll go see the new Transformers movie with you."

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