Wreckage isn't really wreckage.



I totally like Wreckage,

While the head/fave trys to fit into the film aesthetic on the whole, he doesn't remind of the film bots at all but more along the lines of Energon Mirage.

I'll buy him!


Amazon.com has the TF movie toys in stock and with FREE shipping!!! WooHOO!!

They have: Voyager Ironhide, Deluxe Jazz, Bumblebee, Brawl, Barricade, Bonecrusher, & Scorpnok!!

Here's a link for Ironhide.

Am I the only one that thinks this guy is sporting a head reminiscent of G1 Megs?

On the bright side, Wreckage and some of the other small-name Decepticons are beginning to look like very attractive prospects. Bonecrusher is another one. He hates, apparently.

I thought he had kind of a vehicon vibe going. Pretty cool.

Now I'm in a conundrum b/c I resolved not to get any movie toys but as we get closer and closer they are becoming more appealing. Maybe its just retail withdrawal...


Wreckage looked decent, so I ordered him (for 25% off using a code I found on the Allspark) from Hasbro Toy Shop...we'll see when he gets delivered. I got Classics Rodimus for $7.50 this way.

JOP, I can see the Megatron resemblance too, especially to Actionmaster Megs. It's almost what I'd expect to see if a designer took the Actionmaster and redid it in the movie-style, and with an armored-vehicle transform. The chestblock-with-abdominal grills torso is there; the buckethead is there, and even the shoulders recall the original. It's not much, but it does seem to be there...could this be an abandoned design, or is it just coincidence? There's not really enough to say.

You can all laugh at me latter.

Spectroscott emailed me that 25% off/no shipping deal and I bought a bunch of movie deluxes.

I feel kind of bad since all I really wanted was Wreckage but I'm going to give a few of these a chance.

*Shakes head...*

My limited edition Gasket, Stampy, Cohrada and HEINLAD arrived this morning...

Oh what bliss!


Mark, I commend you.

And Nala, after watching video of you feeling up some bags with spychangers inside, I find very little you do more laughable than that.

I refuse to buy these movie toys, do you hear? REFUSE!

(I can't find the movie toys anywhere at Amazon and the link above is busted. Has Amazon become one of THOSE sites? They've got bloody Classics Bumblebee new for $34.99!)

Hey. That was an exciting moment. There I was trying to find 3 chase figures hoping they existed in that blind packed lot.

It was an exciting AND lame moment.


Shame! Although to be fair, if we didn't indulge in these behaviours, it wouldn't be plastic crack now, would it? :)


It's the bucket head that did it for me; certain aesthetic qualities are iconic and most likely will forever be linked with specific characters. That bucket head is definitely one such aspect.

Sooo... yes. Abandoned design indeed? (And that chest cannon... a modern interpretation of Meg's signature weapon, mayhaps?)

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